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Primitiv kunst / Primitive Art

48195.    KJERSMEIER, CARL. Afrikanske Negerskulpturer/African Negro Sculpture. Illustrated. Copenhagen 1947. 4°. Publisher's boards with dustjacket. 86 pages.
Full text in Danish and English.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 200,-

48551.    NICOLAISEN, JOHANNES and JENS YDE. Art of Central Africa. Selected Works of Art from Central Africa in the Ethnographical Department of the Danish National Museum. Illustrated. Copenhagen 1972. 4°. Publisher's boards. 92 pages.
With full text in Danish and English.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 100,-

56556.    SCHELE, LINDA and MARY ELLEN MILLER. The Blood of Kings. Dynasty and Ritual in MAya Art. Illustrated. New York 1986. 4°. Publisher's cloth binding with dustjacket. 335 sider. Dust jacket covered with laminated plastic.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 200,-

35438.    WINTER-IRVING, CELIA. Stone Sculpture in Zimbabwe. Context, content and form. Illustrated. Harare 1991. 209 pages.  Bestil/Order via  DKK 150,-